A Unique-Bicycle-Shelf

Who received for Christmas his awesome new bicycle and calls it lovingly the machine?

Every friend who comes to visit you is presented with this wonder of technology.

Just one problem, where to store it? Where could it be seen by everybody but not be in the way?

The Solution



The making and testing in the Robinson House Studio:


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Who would like one? Or maybe two?

For the lady and the gentleman?


The Globe-Wernicke EXPERIENCE…

We had last year the pleasure to work on a project which included the renovation of a Globe-Wernicke book cabinet.   The Globe-Wernicke Ltd was founded in 1899. So the units are more or less from that time.   It was great to wittness how well made furniture will not loose in style and function even after 120 years!    Everybody in the robinson house studio admired how the cabinet had been done and found it sad to have to spray it.    It was mainly all made in solid oak or ply veneered oak.

 enjoy the photos..

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Two glass sheets where original with the defects from the glass making at the time. And it was thin!   One is just over 2 mm and the other just about 3mm!   The patent system to stack them to any height or width is still fully functional.   And the opening mechanism for the framed glass doors is doing what it has done over the last century without hesitation.   We added to the cabinet some more contemporary cabinets and let it spray at the Spray Centre ltd.

If you would like to find out more about the Globe-Wernicke company and its innovative furniture at a revolutionary time have a look at The Globe-Wernicke Ltd or just give us a ring at Alvaro Rodriguez, Design and Making.