1. “How to get a dent out of solid wood”

How to get a dent out of solid wood?

If it is the new wooden floor or the dining table or any other piece of precious wooden furniture, with this method you can get it back to the way it was.

How to do it:
1. Be sure it is solid wood! Otherwise it will not work and either loosen the veneer other worse.
2. Get a cloth, iron, water, sandpaper (180, 240 and finer)
3. Clear the dent from any dirt,
4. Soak the cloth in water, make sure it is totally soaked!
5. Heat up the iron.
6. Once the iron is hot, put the cloth on the dent.
7. Press gently the hot iron on the cloth and leaf it there until water begins to evaporate and to steam.
8. Tipp, it is better to do this in short sequences so the wood or the cloth doesn’t get burned.
9. Check the dent frequently if it is coming up/out.
10. Once the dent is out, or close to it let the wood dry.
11. When the wood is dry take the sand paper and sand the dent area.
12. Because of the process any varnish or finish will have dissolved. Depending on the existing finish treat the wood again with the same.
13. DONE!

I would suggest that you practice this on a spare piece of wood. So you get a feeling for how long and how often to repeat this process.
There will be a slight colour change. This might need some staining down to the surrounding area.
Like always I would recommend if unsure ask your local carpenter/cabinet maker.

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