Japan and to all nations who are in sadness..

This for everybody who is in Japan or has friends and family at the moment in Japan.
I wish everybody to find strength in this challenging days.
I wish them to get a positive solution to their nuclear situation.
I wish the people lots of hope and vision to get out of the present and into a healthy, well supported and happy future.

I appreciate every moment of my life at the present for all what I have like health, food, to drink, a clean and beautiful home, a vehicle, safety, a clean and save environment, very good friends around me and much more will come.

I am very great full for what I have!

Thank you

Der kunsttischler


Cabinet Maker/Carpenter vs. IKEA

So is this a fair comparison?

Or is it more like David vs. Goliath?

In the history David won by using his skill.

Do the modern cabinet makers and carpenters have a chance against the machinery of IKEA and others?

What are the different aspects and why do so many people run to IKEA?

Well, I think it has something to do with our education.

If you would know that the furniture that you just bought will last maybe one move, or the bed that was soooo cheap, you would say it was a bargain, will make noises all night long and begin to fall apart in the next twelve month. Would you still buy it?

You visit a friend and you see that they got a new piece of furniture. You say that it looks nice and you ask where they bought it. And the answer is mostly something like this:

Yes, looks good isn’t it. Well, I bought it in IKEA, you know it was not much money and therefore it’s ok. I know it will not last for long but at the moment it’s ok.

…at the moment it’s ok!!!!

Did you ever experience this situation?

This moments make me always think, grunge and feel very sorry for this person.

Why do I spend money that is not well invested? They know already it will not last. They want to save money but actually in the long term, which is not that long, they are throwing it away and the worst they know it already.

Are we so much influenced by marketing and the media? Can’t we see what it really is?

The Environment, most of us are doing their bit to help and rescue the world.

Well are we really doing this?

Every piece of furniture which is bought with this initiative (the example previously mentioned) will end up approximate in the next two years on the big rubbish mountain. And add to our environmental problems.

I don’t go now into details how, where and under what conditions this piece of furniture from the big brands was made. But these workers who made your bed or your “lovely kitchen”, and not to forget the TV cabinet, are not lucky ones. No!

And the forest from where this “partly” wood furniture comes is also not on the happy healthy side.

Do you know from how far away this furniture had to be shipped to your house?

Do you know?

Oh, sorry you got it from your local IKEA. And the rest we don’t mind.

Don’t you ask your self why it is such a bargain?

It might have todo with the fact that most people are so busy in running their live that a cabinet, bed or a kitchen is not the highest priority. But you spend for example 25 years of your live in bed!

So, what could help our environment, our trees, our local carpenter, joiners and cabinet makers and also the customer?

Any ideas?

How about to begin to think what the benefits are for me, the customer, in commissioning a piece of furniture from my local carpenter.

Do I really have to list all the benefits and advantages you gain?

A cabinet made by your cabinet maker will last you a life long.

Will save unlimited tree-life’s and be environmental friendly.

Is made for you, With – You – In – Mind.

Mostly you have the possibility to call this furniture maker if the drawer is not running smoothly after a few years, or the cabinet door needs a bid of adjusting after the big party.

Does IKEA and all the big brands, come and do this for you with a smile on the face and enjoying a cup of tea with you?

Did I mention the money? Advertising shows you the furniture and tells you that it is a bargain. The best ever. Buy now regret for ever. Bla blab la.

You will say, but the cabinet makers and carpenters are so expensive and my budget is very little.

Talk to your carpenter. Yes, just do it. They need to live and they are happy for every single order they get.

I am sure there are many many Davids out there to win the battle!

My experience is that if the customer really wants it I always found a way how the client could pay me.

I can’t speak for others but I am sure that there is always a solution.

It’s your choice to compromise and well, we know the result or to get the real piece of furniture.

The piece of furniture that you enjoy. That doesn’t loose value. The opposite it adds value to the house and flat.

And it adds like art does joy to your home.

Now how would it be if the next time your guests and friends come and you could proudly say;

yes, it’s new and especially custom made for me. If you like I can recommend you the cabinet maker. He made a very special deal for me.

Do you know what, it is actually unique..

..like I am!

Looking very much forward to your comments. ;o)

AB alvrologoOrange

The Kunsttischler


Designer and Cabinet maker

Hello and Welcome

The Kunsttischler will be the new place to find info around woodworking, carpentry, joinery, cabinet making, furniture and design.

The main idea is to bring new information and education around these areas to anybody who gets in contact with furniture, or needs to change anything in their house, would like commission furniture or is just passionate about woodcraft.

I hope you will find it exciting and informative and I am looking forward to all your comments and feedbacks.

AB alvrologoOrange

With – You – In – Mind

PS: Kunsttischler, German word and closest translation for cabinet maker.