An amazing weekend at the robinson house studio….

Thousands of people came to our private view on Friday and to our open house on Saturday and Sunday at the robinson house studio. We couldn’t keep up with wine and snacks. Cars and busses had no space to park. Local traffic busses had to be called in for help. People queued for hours to get in. Everybody was desperate to walk the red carpet.

It was an amazing event over thr

ee days. The atmosphere was buzzing. Everybody had to answer thousands of questions and it felt like millions of pictures were taken and endless hours of filming…

Also on Saturday and Sunday the storming of the Raw-Food- Cakes was incredible if not to say violent. It was a cake massacre.

Millions of pounds exchanged hands for the highly luxury objects. Corks of champagne bottles were a constant sound in the background.

In all of it two trusted and selfless souls one from France, Strasbourg Daniel Ruckstuhland one from England and the city of Brighton Simon Featherstone took the difficult and challenging task to test the effects and comfort of one of the exhibitions objects from Alvaro Rodriguez
. Some say it was the same two fellows who tried it last year september at the launch of robinson house studio. They certainly enjoyed it much more this year!!! For both o f them the biggest challenge was to surrender to gravity.  Both test – bed – pilots came out of it unharmed and recovered quickly after some red – special – fermented – grape juice was offered.

A hidden scotch was a seducing tool used by one of the other compadres which resulted in a Have -a-look-at-hicks-this-cabinet…some are still suffering from the magic in that scotch…

Others took more of a home-studio-cinema approach for lurking the masses on to his prototype-objects …unfortunate the repeatedly playing of the film music forced some of the members of this honorable club to punish the cinema manager and send him behind Swedish curtains (ask if you are not German or don’t know what it means)

The sands;

one object was surrounded by SAND …why? Nobody really knows but the visitors couldn’t resist to check and look and STEP on to it.

After all it was a very moving weekend for all visitors, participants, organizers, managers, celebrities, artists, adults, children, animals, aliens… No, aliens didn’t come at least not over the red carpet.

It is expected that the next two weekends will be a total traffic chaos in and around Newhaven and east Sussex. Outside Newhaven are being prepared parking possibilities to deal with the upcoming masses of busses and cars. Roamers are that even the ferry from Dieppe to Newhaven will increase the number of crossings for these two weekends so its easier to deal with the extreme numbers of fans from France and the mainland of Europe coming over to our humble place.

This all might seem to you very unbelievable but trust me this is how we experienced it and if you don’t believe us than find it out for your self. (And don’t tell me I have not warned you…)


the Apprentice

The next generation…

Danny began with us in September 2010. Since than he has made very good progress and he has become an asset to Robinson House Studio.

His first tasks where to get familiar with certain tools in the Studio and of course with health and safety issues.

We enjoy very much his eye for detail and his persistence for perfection.

Watch the space, I am sure there is much more to come from him

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Searching for an apprentice

The first contact for the search of an apprentice has been done.
Lyn Drysdale from the City College Brighton and Hove came over to our workshop to see the facilities and the possibilities for an apprentice.
With Marc Fish from and Alvaro Rodriguez from together we explained and showed Lyn the environment in which a future apprentice would work, learn and develop.
The new workshop, robinson house studio in Newhaven (, was also shown.
First steps and tasks are agreed.
Legal, health and safety issues but also the curriculum and the responsibility was the subject of the meeting.
The meeting finished with a very positive outcome.
Now its about finding the candidate who sees the big opportunity and is passionate and excited to take it on.
A new era in working and learning will begin from September 2010 at
Everybody is very much looking forward to this.

Watch this space.

The Kunsttischler