A new success story in creating an artful design for a customer by the kunsttischler .

The brief was to create a room divider which is beautiful to look at and does what it is made for, to divide the room. And it does this in a gentle way with allowing light to come through.

After getting through a detailed questioner and several conversations with the customer it was time to sit at the drawing board and design something unique and stunning.

Our customer approved the design and the material samples and than it was time to get into the making of the “artful-room-divider”


Constructional Wenge veneer and Zebrano veneer.

Normal 0.6 Maple veneer


Cast Acrylic rode


Prescciosion was one of the big challanges in this project.

The precission to match up all wholes exactly for the cast acrylic rode to pass through and fit together.

Than to fit the all mitre’s precisely.

And finally to install it into the house and keep its precise rectangular shape.

All issues have been with great eye for detail and patience mastered.

The result is stunning.

These are some first photos taken with the iPhone. Soon we will have very high quality photos.

Please, let us know what you think. Feel free to comment on it.


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The Cloak Room

This project had many challenges which didn’t appear until working at it.
The request was to build a unit where the doors would have inside shelves and when opened give space to fill with many many many! shoes…

The outside of the cabinet veneered with fumed figured eucalyptus.
The inside shelves are all veneered with rippled maple.
And the inside walls are in maple veneer.

The fumed figured eucalyptus is rarely used for this kind of furniture. It has a fantastic texture that gives it the look of leather.












The Globe-Wernicke EXPERIENCE…

We had last year the pleasure to work on a project which included the renovation of a Globe-Wernicke book cabinet.   The Globe-Wernicke Ltd was founded in 1899. So the units are more or less from that time.   It was great to wittness how well made furniture will not loose in style and function even after 120 years!    Everybody in the robinson house studio admired how the cabinet had been done and found it sad to have to spray it.    It was mainly all made in solid oak or ply veneered oak.

 enjoy the photos..

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Two glass sheets where original with the defects from the glass making at the time. And it was thin!   One is just over 2 mm and the other just about 3mm!   The patent system to stack them to any height or width is still fully functional.   And the opening mechanism for the framed glass doors is doing what it has done over the last century without hesitation.   We added to the cabinet some more contemporary cabinets and let it spray at the Spray Centre ltd.

If you would like to find out more about the Globe-Wernicke company and its innovative furniture at a revolutionary time have a look at The Globe-Wernicke Ltd or just give us a ring at Alvaro Rodriguez, Design and Making.

Outstandingly beautiful living room cabinets with a twist in opening…

Two stunning living room cabinets with no doorknobs, handles or anything like it.

The centre area has a space-enhancing mirror at the back and a mobile glass shelf.


 How to open this section is a mystery

 until you discover the unique, stylishly designed door that lifts up away from the shelf.

And the twist:

To open the door you use a special magnetic door handle which can be removed when not needed.


The light system switches on and off automatically when the doors are opened or closed. 

All around is an LED light system integrated to give a smooth warm ambience in the evening.


The lighting also enhances the pictures and ornaments on display.

The lower units have one moveable shelf, and the doors open with concealed hinges and simple push system, integrating with the unit’s sleek design.

Even though the two cabinets appear to be fixed into the two alcoves, they are free-standing and can be moved when necessary.


MDF MR 18mm from Goldberg

LED-Light system from Haefele 

Mirrors and glass from South Coast Glazing

Door lift-up system from Hettich

Door hinges from Blum

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Books, books and many more books

CL: “We would like the whole wall with shelves. Is this possible?”

AR: “Yes, it is.”

CL: “But there is a radiator in the middle…”


These were the first sentences I exchanged with the client as they gave me as a brief description of what was requested.

They had an impressive collection of books in all sizes and thickness.


The request was that it looks contemporary.

And to give it a little edge, it would be great if it is off the floor.


Well, the clients’ demands have been answered and fulfilled.

Please see for yourself the stunning result.

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MDF MR 22 and 18mm

Sprayed in blue-ground from Farrow & Ball

Round shaped plasterboard walls and a boiler that just doesn’t belong there.

This project was a challange in design and construcktion.

The requirements:

1. to hide the boiler

2. the boiler and the pipes need to be accessible for any inspection or servicing

3. design the corner in a way so the eye could enjoy the view

4. make the storage as functional as possible


The wall is roundly shaped and it is made out of 12mm plasterboards with 1mm Aluminium joyce.

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18 and 12 mm MR MDF

African Walnut Veneer

Animal glue

and lots of patience…

In the next newsletter you will find the finished product.