A Unique-Bicycle-Shelf

Who received for Christmas his awesome new bicycle and calls it lovingly the machine?

Every friend who comes to visit you is presented with this wonder of technology.

Just one problem, where to store it? Where could it be seen by everybody but not be in the way?

The Solution



The making and testing in the Robinson House Studio:


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Who would like one? Or maybe two?

For the lady and the gentleman?



Shelf space for many more situations

Shelf space for many more situations


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Made in oak veneer and finished with wax oils. Free standing book shelf in contemporary design. Easy to move from room to room.


A contemporary design that enhances any room and creates instant space for all the important things in life.

It can be made in oak, walnut, cherry or maple veneered boards.

The measurements are 180 cm tall, 40 cm width and at the bottom a depth of 30 cm and at the top 20 cm.




New art for Christmas and Birthdays

Steam bend Birch Ply and American Walnut, Black MDF, Aluminium and several more materials have been used to create this beautiful desk organisers and fountain pen holders.

All made at  robinson house studio in the UK.

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