A new success story in creating an artful design for a customer by the kunsttischler .

The brief was to create a room divider which is beautiful to look at and does what it is made for, to divide the room. And it does this in a gentle way with allowing light to come through.

After getting through a detailed questioner and several conversations with the customer it was time to sit at the drawing board and design something unique and stunning.

Our customer approved the design and the material samples and than it was time to get into the making of the “artful-room-divider”


Constructional Wenge veneer and Zebrano veneer.

Normal 0.6 Maple veneer


Cast Acrylic rode


Prescciosion was one of the big challanges in this project.

The precission to match up all wholes exactly for the cast acrylic rode to pass through and fit together.

Than to fit the all mitre’s precisely.

And finally to install it into the house and keep its precise rectangular shape.

All issues have been with great eye for detail and patience mastered.

The result is stunning.

These are some first photos taken with the iPhone. Soon we will have very high quality photos.

Please, let us know what you think. Feel free to comment on it.


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14 responses to ““artful-room-divider”

  1. Wow Alvaro, that’s really impressive. Hope you can get some great photos together for the Brighton Festival Open House in May at Robinson House Studio. Looking forward to seeing all that great work.

  2. The contrast of dark Wenge with accents of pale Zebrano really draws the eye to the framed, floating shelves/cubby-holes. A very effective design feature in a clean and simple looking piece.. Love this work.

  3. Great design, beautifully executed and stunning contrasts of wood – wondering what goes in the cubby hole?

  4. The contrast of veneers and materials works really well Alvaro, as does the sleek design, it is exactly what that space needed.

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